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American Cheerleader is the ultimate magazine for cheerleaders. Written by cheerleading experts, articles include tips on training and health advice, as well as a Coach's Clinic to answer readers' questions. American Cheerleader is packed with stunts, routines,competition tips, interviews and spotlights on outstanding cheerleaders. American Cheerleader is also a great resource for fundraising ideas and beauty tips. This magazine is a must-have for anyone interested in cheering!
Athlon Sports Subscription Bundle
For the Ultimate Sports Lover – the Athlon Sports Subscription Bundle lets you receive our long-running sports titles as a subscription. Throughout the year you will receive 7 of our most popular annual previews sent right to your mailbox.. Your annual subscription includes: Athlon Sports Racing Preview (January) Athlon Sports Baseball Preview (February) Athlon Sports NFL Draft Preview (March) Athlon Sports National College Football Preview (May) Athlon Sports Pro Football Preview (June) Athlon Sports Fantasy Football Preview (July) Athlon Sports National College Basketball Preview (September)
Black Belt covers Judo, Karate, Kung Fu, and other aspects of self defense, with the philosophy and history of the martial arts. Black Belt gives readers the martial arts information needed to keep their power focused, their technique true, and their spirit strong. Black Belt provides information on competitions, tournaments, seminars and dojo directories to keep readers in touch with the martial arts world. In each issue of Black Belt is a section dedicated to rookies that will provide them with a solid foundation from which to research a specific art, find a school and instructor suitable to their needs, and have the information needed to get started in the martial arts.
Black Tennis
Since starting the magazine in 1977, the publisher has endeavored to cover major tennis events featuring African-American players, who otherwise would not be featured in the media. Zina Garrison and Lori McNeil were top African-American juniors who had to play against each other in the quarters or semis, eliminating one before the finals. Their names were not listed in the newspapers as winners of their division as were the other players.>
Serves as a premier bowling magazine. Its business articles are an invaluable resource for bowling center and pro shop owners and managers. Skilled bowlers from around the world get useful insight into the game from the well written instructional columns.
Bowling This Month will keep you up-to-date on the latest technical information on bowling balls, bowling accessories, and bowling and coaching techniques. Each monthly issue includes extensive articles on lane play, ball motion and reaction, tips on improving mechanics, mental and physical condition.
Coach and Athletic Director Coach and Athletic Director is dedicated to the invaluable high school and college team leaders. Each issue is jam-packed with coaching tips for all men's and women's sports, up-close interviews with prominent sports figures, and coverage of all phases of a successful program. Also includes useful and exclusive coach buyer's guides.
ESPN: The Magazine is sports reporting the way it ought to be. ESPN puts the emphasis on what will happen: match-ups, players to watch for, season previews and predictions, and perspectives from on and off the playing field. ESPN features coverage of pro and college football, baseball, basketball, and hockey in every issue. Also, 'The Magazine' features columns from ESPN Network's own Dan Patrick, Stuart Scott, and Rich Eisen.
Inside Cheerleading Inside Cheerleading covers training, performing, competing, and live cheerleading with profiles, coverage of competitions and events, advice, tips, and photos of stunts, pyramids, and tumbling.
Modern Athlete & Coach Modern Athlete & Coach is the technical journal of the Australian Track and Field Coaches Association. It provides information and advice on working with young athletes and covers topics such as dietetics, training programs, injury prevention, technical preparation, and planning.
Muscle and Fitness focuses on the growing attention paid to physical fitness and is edited for the serious exercise and athletic training enthusiast. They want to pump YOU up.
Runner's World Runner's World is the world's leading running magazine. You'll be training for a marathon in no time! Read about great training tips, interesting sports medicine breakthroughs, nutrition news, races & more. Whether you're a rookie runner or you've been running marathons for years, if you're a running enthusiast, you'll love and benefit from Runner's World.
Sports Collectors Digest Sports Collectors Digest divests you of the need for othere magazines. Serious sportscards and memorabilia collectors will turn to the bible of the hobby every week to find out about the latest card releases, the most recent find of older material, and to read interviews with their favorite sports stars of past and present. Includes updated pricing and checklists, a monthly show calendar and ads from top dealers.
Tennis Whether you play or your passion doesn't get past the stands, Tennis gives you what you crave. Every issue of the world's favorite tennis magazine features advice from the pros on how to improve your game, recaps of the most exciting professional matchups, and interviews with the stars of the court.
Track Coach Covers track and field technique and training for all events, injury care and prevention, biomechanics and physiology, motivation and coaching psychology, diet and nutrition, strength training, and racing tactics.
Track and Field News Magazine devoted exclusively to coverage of track and field in the United States and worldwide.
Volleyball features performance-oriented coverage with special emphasis on pro tours, U.S. National teams and collegiate competition. Included are instructional features as well as in-depth interviews and profiles of prominent professional and amateur players from around the world. Regular departments include reports on the U.S. collegiate volleyball scene, news about professional beach volleyball and updates on All-Stars and Teams of the Month.
Yoga Journal Yoga Journal is the magazine for health and conscious living. The publication, which was founded in 1975, focuses on the body-mind-spirit connection and its importance in personal development. Topics covered regularly include yoga, Eastern spirituality, Western mysticism, holistic medicine, body work, martial arts and meditation.
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