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Dell Crossword Puzzles
Dell Crossword Puzzles

There is nothing more satisfying than finishing a challenging crossword puzzle. That's why Dell Crossword Puzzle magazine is a perfect subscription or gift for the crossword enthusiast in all of us. Five levels of puzzles are features in each issue, making the magazine relevant for all kinds of players. Whether you are a beginner or a master, Dell Crossword Puzzles challenges the mind and helps to improve your existing skills.
Dell Crossword Specials
Dell Crossword Specials

Dell Crossword Specials features crossword puzzles, as well as a variety of word games. Crossword Specials includes a dazzling array of 50 crosswords and 10 Diagramlesses at all difficulty levels, including 12 Cryptoquizzes, 12 Figgerits, 10 Anacrostics, 5 Solicrosses, 6 Cross Sums, and 5 pages of Cryptograms.
Dell Official Crossword Puzzles
Dell Official Crossword Puzzles
offers a crosswords for every level of proficiency, as well as a selection of stimulating variety puzzles.
Dell Pocket Crossword Puzzles
Dell Pocket Crossword Puzzle

Dell Pocket Crossword Puzzles offers a selection of puzzles for all skill levels. Each issue features 100 crosswords ranging in difficulty from easy to hard, most of which fall into the medium difficulty level.
Dell Math Puzzles and Logic Problems
Dell Math Puzzles and Logic Problems

Puzzles that will raise your intellect and elevate your spirits.
Dell Word Search Puzzles
Dell Word Search Puzzles

Enjoy using your brain? Tired of leafing through unimaginative and useless publications? You'll run to the mailbox every month for Dell Word Search Puzzles, a magazine containing 76 word search & other hidden word puzzles. You'll love getting through every challenging puzzle and sharpening your eye for future puzzles.

Whether you are a crossword expert or pride yourself on your knowledge of all that is trivial, Games magazine is what your brain desires. The magazine for intelligent minds at play, Games lets you match wits with our puzzle masters. Each issue is loaded with crosswords, logic puzzles, prize filled contests, trivia and word games designed to push your intellect and thought process to the limit.
Official Word Search Puzzles - Coming Soon
Pocket Crossword Puzzles

If you can't get enough crosswords, this publication will satisfy your hunger for challenging, exciting puzzles, many with clever themes. And you can pick your level of difficulty: each issue includes puzzles at all skill levels, from easy to medium to hard.
Quality Find the Word
Quality Find-the-Word

If word find puzzles are your favorite pastime, you'll enjoy this fun and stimulating collection.
TV Guide Crosswords
TV Crosswords

Do you love crossword puzzles, especially those with an entertaining edge? And do you think you know your TV shows and all the stars? TV Crosswords tests your expertise. Every issue includes more than 60 puzzles, from easy to difficult, that will add brain-exercising pleasure to your leisure time.
World of Puzzles
World Of Puzzles

If you enjoy stretching your imagination and coming up with the right words to the right box, then the popular World of Puzzles is for you.
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