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Attitude is the UK’s best selling and award-winning gay men’s lifestyle magazine. Covering a diverse range of stories and topics, each month features the very best in men’s style and fashion, the latest fitness and health trends and the hottest travel destinations. Since 1994, the team bring you all the latest news and stories that matter from LGBT+ communities across the world. Oh, and not to forget, a dashing selection of smoking hot men every month! Join the thousands of readers with a monthly attitude digital magazine subscription today - the definitive gay men's magazine. Subscribe today!
FS International FS is the fit gay men's health magazine. It talks about everything from your health to your heart and your mind, while laughing along the way.
Curve Magazine Curve Magazine is North Americas best selling lesbian magazine.
DNA Magazine DNA is Australia's best-selling magazine for gay men.
FS International FS is the fit gay men's health magazine. It talks about everything from your health to your heart and your mind, while laughing along the way.
Mannschaft Magazin Mannschaft ist das Lifestyle-Magazin für den schwulen Mann. Zehnmal im Jahr informieren wir mit Artikeln, Interviews sowie Reportagen über Neuigkeiten aus Politik, Mode, Kultur, Unterhaltung und der weltweiten LGBT-Szene.
Mate Magazin Nach dem Motto "Keine Macht dem Mainstream" hat sich Mate einem redaktionellem Konzept verschrieben, dass fernab von Boulevardmedien und den großen Zeitungen berichtet. Mate findet sie; die Geschichten vom Hinterhofdesigner, der in seiner Heimat völlig unbekannt und in New York ein Star ist. Mate kennt sie; die skurrilen Persönlichkeiten, die auch mal unangenehme Antworten geben. Mate zeigt sie; die Models, die ein hübsches Gesicht UND Charakter haben. Seit über zehn Jahren folgt Mate nunmehr ausschließlich einem Trend: keinem Trend zu folgen. Stete Veränderung in Layout, Konzept und Marketing haben dem Magazin ein immer neues Gesicht gegeben. Haben wir in vergangenen Ausgaben noch deutsche Metropolen nach ihren ungewöhnlichsten Charakteren und exzentrischsten Persönlichkeiten ausgespäht, widmet sich Mate in Zukunft einem thematischen Schwergewicht pro Ausgabe. Wir wollen weiter reisen als wir es bislang wagten, besser aussehen als letztes Jahr, die Mode vom nächsten Jahr tragen und unsere Lieben mit Überraschungen verwöhnen, die so ganz sicher noch niemand verschenkt hat. Alle Infos zu den Themenspecials 2015 und den Erscheinungsdaten in der Preisliste.
MM MM in English publishes stunning high quality photos of beautiful men from around the world, shot by the best photographers around. It also features fashion trends, so we know each month what's in and what's not. MM in English is published by the editors of the French magazine MMensuel, one of the best selling gay publications in the world.
Passport is the original and best lifestyle magazine for gay and bisexual men. In each issue we bring you everything from interviews with your favourite celebs to quality photo shoots with some of the hottest men on the planet. You'll also find more hard-hitting comment and opinion - keeping you up-to-date and informed.
OUT Out enriches your gay experience with thoughtful writing, stunning visuals, and authoritative coverage of fashion and design. Out showcases today's hottest talents from the worlds of music, theater and the arts. Plus you'll receive our celebrated "Out 100" issue, and our collectible Spring and Fall Fashion specials.
OUT's Advocate Edition America's two greatest gay magazines are available in one great package, when you subscribe to Out's Advocate Edition. Get it all! Style, Fashion, Opinion, News and Entertainment. A supplement for The Advocate will be included in 6 issues throughout the year.
The Advocate The Advocate is America's leading source of gay and lesbian news and information. By revealing and reflecting upon every aspect of the LGBT experience, The Advocate defines what it means to be gay today. Since 1967, The Advocate has challenged conceptions, provoked conversations, and propelled the global dialog on LGBT issues.
The Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide An intelligent, focused, lively--and above all, interesting--journal for thinking lesbians and gay men. It is not obsessed with the latest fashions and travel spots, but instead takes on the big questions about our history, art, literature and our struggle for equality.
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